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fucked up news

  Details are emerging about a hit-and-run in Auckland in which a bus driver only stopped briefly to look at a man dying on the street before driving off.
Police say a middle-aged Asian man was struck by the bus on Dominion Road at 7.30am this morning and later died.
It is understood the driver of the Stagecoach bus then stopped a further bit down the road to look towards the injured man, but then continued on his journey.
Police are now asking passengers who were on the bus to come forward.
The driver has since been found but has not been interviewed by police yet.



just wanna let you know..



Work was too busy today, lower hutt exchange went down. MENTALNESS
It's like fuck. 
Im tired of working for telecommunications. GAWH.

Talked to the ex gf today, it wasnt that bad..she said she wants to pluck my eye browes again? and im like wtf..? 

Just reading text msgs from my hun, she makes me so happy.
Getting some other texts too ;) that i wont share here :P 

Anyways, gotta get back to work. Frig.

convo at work

ME : am i sprung dude?

Vernetta - sprung hard, ur like falling off ur springs!

me: really?! 

Vernetta - HARDOUT! man ima call you tigger, tigger hard! cuz ur spppprrruuuungg.. *boing boing boing*




i should seriously get back to work :P

Updating journal from work, man I'm tired as. *sleepy*

Had a deep meaningful convo with cara last night..
hrm.. i miss her. 

I miss her even though we text each other like insane.. 
hope she had an awesome day at work..


gawd i have the worst RSI on my arm ever.

What do you do when you've kind of fallen for someone, but at the same time confused as hell? You want to be with them, but there are so many obstacles and just the feeling of unsure-ness.. 

Dear God...

please show me some sign, ANY SIGN!

good morning. definately.

Oh god, I'm going to be writing entries like insane again, I think it's the whole "new journal yay" phase.
I've had a pretty awesome morning, got a lovely morning text from cara. That was nice.
Hehe, got some information out of her, finally!

Katie my ex ex text me, wanting to get back together?
I don't want to >_< ...

I've never had time for myself. I built my whole life around brittany, everything I did was for her for the past year...
and I don't regret that at all, because I believe everything is a learning experience.
I just know i did too much in that relationship, maybe i was smothering her with love? lol
I don't know, i know I'm not the one to blame, when she was the one who stepped out of the relationship, then wasn't planning on telling me about it, how crazy..

I think I'm going out tonight. Need to find out where to meet amy and crystal and the others. Hopefully its not busy at work, so i wont get too tired.

Jelly wrestling last weekend was a little disappointing..especially when it wasn't 2 chicks wrestling lol.
Made a new journal, wanting to make a fresh start I guess. Been talking to cara like insane for the past week, hrm. Interesting text messages I must say. I heart her anyways.

Ive had a crazy month, just broke up with my gf of like 15 months. Can't believe its actually over.
Im actually loving single life at the moment, I get to talk to whoever I want, without feeling guilty.
I have an ex ex gf that wants to get back together, and when you tell her that you just want some
alone time she gets angry and tells you to fuck off, but 5 mins later she'll be texting me  asking me what im doing.

Girls are crazy, yet i cnt get enough of em.

Just randomly asked this girl at work for her number, hell i dont know if shes gay. I
 just heard she thinks im cute, so why the hell not make a new friend lol.

My team leader jase wanted me to share information about her, because he thinks shes fine as hell.
 I just forwarded text msgs and he gives me the finger from across the room, Ahh he knows im the man.

So I guess coach/playa is back in the game?
Hrm, till the right girl comes along.


New Journal. Awesome.

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